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Harmony Recycled Metals

Harmony Metals and Gems

Create the most beautiful, eco-friendly jewelry possible.


Hoover & Strong's Harmony recycled product line is manufactured from 100% recycled precious metals. With over 30,000 eco-friendly products to choose from including our large inventory of certified, conflict-free diamonds, our jewelers have the opportunity to create the most beautiful and responsible, eco-friendly jewelry in the world!


Are you a Harmony Jeweler? Get listed as a Green Jeweler on our Green Jewelry Movement page.

Harmony Jewelry

Recycled and Beautiful Jewelry Products from Hoover & Strong


Hoover & Strong has provided socially and environmentally-responsible products and services for over a century. It is our moral obligation to continually respect basic human rights around the world and to protect the environment by conserving energy and recycling.


Buy Harmony Recycled Metal products from Hoover & Strong today and become a participant in the global effort to preserve our planet’s future!


Hoover & Strong is an SCS Certified Responsible Source


We proudly manufacture over 30,000 eco-friendly jewelry products, all Made in the USA with Harmony Recycled Precious Metals.  


In 2009, Hoover & Strong became the first jewelry manufacturer to be independently certified by SCS Global Services for the recycled content of its Harmony Recycled Precious Metal products. Today, Hoover & Strong receives the Responsible Source Certification from SCS Global Services every year, which confirms that our range of Harmony recycled precious metal products are manufactured using 100% recycled precious metals.

Artisanal Mining - Kike Arnal - Photographer

Hoover & Strong, Ethical Metalsmiths and the Fairmined Initiatives


In 2013, Hoover & Strong joined Ethical Metalsmiths’ Materials Sourcing Consortium to bring FAIRMINED certified gold and silver to the U.S. jewelry market for the very first time. This consortium of U.S. jewelers, is working directly with certified artisanal mining communities in Peru and Colombia to bring traceable, responsible, artisanally mined gold and silver into the U.S. market.


Photo provided by the Alliance for Responsible Mining

Kike Arnal, Photographer

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