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Green Jewelry Movement


Look no further! Here is our growing list of all things "green" in the jewelry industry. Links include recycled metal information, responsible mining initiatives, organizations, Canadian and recycled diamonds, gemstones, green jewelers, fair trade articles, news articles and more. We will continually add to this page, so check back often.

Artisanal Mining - Kike Arnal - Photographer

Photo Credit: Nigel Wright

Responsible Mining Initiatives




World Fairtrade Organization


Fairtrade International


Fairtrade USA


Ethical Metalsmiths


The Alliance for Responsible Mining


No Dirty Gold


Raise Hope for Congo/An Enough Project Campaign


Fair Jewellery Action


World Gold Council – Responsible Mining


Responsible Jewellery Council


Artisanal Gold Council


Artminers Institute for Sustainable Mining


MPI-Mineral Policy Institute


Mining Watch Canada


OXFAM America

Harmony Diamonds

Responsible Gemstones


Green Gem Foundation


Fair Trade Gems
(Operated by Columbia Gem House)






Too Precious to Wear
(Coral Preservation Campaign)


Bario Neal


Green America


Leber Jeweler Inc.


Brilliant Earth


SCS Global Services


Green America


Celtic Jewelry




Responsible Jewellery Council


International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA)

Harmony Diamonds

Fair Trade Articles


Raising Awareness of Fairmined Gold


Fair Trade Gold Q & A


From Blood Diamonds and Dirty Gold to Fairtrade, by Marc Choyt


Rapaport - Fair Trade

Recycled Precious Metal


Hoover & Strong offers recycled metals that have been independently certified by SCS Global Services. The certification guarantees that all of our recycled metals come from recycled sources.


Hoover & Strong


Harmony Metals



Recycled Gold Articles:


Recycling Dental Precious Metals Waste


How is Gold Recycled?


Can Recycling Gold Help the Metal Regain its Luster?


Gold Facts

Harmony Diamonds

Green Jewelers


Jeweler Spotlight - Join Christine Dhein on an Eco-Jewelry Journey Around the World!


Bario Neal


Abbott Taylor Jewelers


Daniel Gibbings


The 14 Karats


Mcfarland Designs


Baxter Moerman


Danforth Diamond


Village Goldsmith


Faye Kim Designs


Christopher Duquet


Daniel R. Spirer


Michele Mercaldo


Jesse Danger




David Virtue


New York Wedding Ring


Jane Hollinger Jewelry


Rosanne Pugliese


Geoffrey D Giles


Jacob Albee/Goldsmith


Jamie Joseph




Diamond Nexus


Joseph Schuback Jewelers


Glasswing Jewellery

Harmony Diamonds

Responsible Diamonds


Conflict-free is good but Canadian and Recycled Diamonds are better! When possible, buy Canadian or Harmony Recycled Diamonds!


Hoover & Strong


Diamond Facts.Org


Kimberley Process


Diamond Development Initiative


BHP Billiton Canada Mark


De Beers Forevermark


Brilliant Earth




Artisan Wedding Rings



Harmony Diamonds

Environmental Websites


Earth 911


The ULS Report




Ecology Action








Sierra Club


American Forest & Paper Assoc.


International Institut for Sustainable Development (IISD)






Save A Cup


Earth Day Network


America Recycles Day


Recycle Now


EPA - Recycling Tips


Friends of the Earth


Waste and Resources Action Program (WRAP)


Green Action


Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc. (ISRI)


Global Witness






News Articles


When a River Runs Orange, by Gwen Lachelt


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