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Harmony Recycled Metals were originally certified by SCS Global Services in 2009.


Hoover & Strong is audited every year by SCS, and has received the renewal certficates for 100% recycled, Harmony Recycled Precious Metals every year since then.


SCS Global Services is a globally-recognized independent third-party certifier and sustainability expert has completed the renewal evaluation of Hoover & Strong's Harmony Recycled Metals products.

We are very proud to have been audited and granted renewal certification every year to date, however this year things have changed. Due to the growth nature of our business, there is a small percentage of our product range that we can no longer source from recycled sources. Starting November 1, 2018 we will no longer be SCS Recycled Content Certified as a company, however our Harmony range of recycled precious metal products remains 100% recycled and has been certifed by SCS Global Services to be so.


The renewal certification confirms that 100% of all Harmony recycled precious metals come from recycled sources. Total precious metal content depends on manufacturer’s conformance with FTC guidelines for precious metal alloy designation. This certification does not include non-precious metal portion of the certified product.


Registration # SCS-MC-01996


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"Hoover & Strong continues to demonstrate its commitment to responsible sourcing of precious metals by incorporating reclaimed jewelry as well as silverware, coins and more, into its Harmony Metals products. As a client since 2009, and the first manufacturer to achieve SCS Recycled Content certification for its products' precious metal content, Hoover & Strong remains an industry leader in innovation and sustainable jewelry manufacturing," said Catherine Hansen, Program Manager of Jewelry and Precious Metals at SCS. "Third-party certification provides a level of consumer confidence that self-declared claims cannot. SCS recycled content certification requires auditing of production processes, quality management, facilities and, in some cases, lab testing. All certifications are assessed through a transparent process and must be renewed annually to maintain integrity."


"Hoover & Strong is proud to be the first refiner and precious metals manufacturer to become SCS certified with our Harmony Metals brand of mill products, findings, rings, mountings, semi-mounts and finished jewelry", says Torry Hoover, President of Hoover & Strong. "This certification not only reflects our use of recycled precious metals in our products, it demonstrates Hoover & Strong’s commitment to environmentally responsible manufacturing."


"The precious metals in the final Harmony recycled metal products, as audited and certified by SCS, are 100% from recycled sources.


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Harmony Recycled Metals


Harmony Recycled Metals are Certified 100% Recycled by SCS Global Services. 

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